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MALVA was founded in 1998 in the robust countryside of Agios Nikolaos, Monemvasia in the Lakonia region of Greece and today, their award-winning olives are pressed into some of the most sought after extra virgin olive oil in the world. These oils are imported to America by none other than Lakonia Imports.

Dedicated to continuing the family tradition of providing the precious “golden liquid” known as extra virgin olive oil to the world, Peter Marules founded Lakonia Imports as a premier food procurement company and purveyor of culinary excellence in 2018.

Peter Marules of Lakonia Imports, in partnership with his cousin Nikos Maroulakos’s company MALVA Olives & Olive Oil, strives to bring a little piece of Greek culture and heritage to the great state of Texas and beyond!

Our mission is to spread our extraordinary passion for exceptional culinary pleasures that primarily focus around our love for olive oil.

These days, you can find Lakonia Imports attending farmers’ markets and tasting events throughout Houston and the surrounding areas, bringing with us our love and dedication to one of nature’s most precious and delicious gifts.

History surrounds MALVA’s farm, as evident in the Byzatinian ruins that grace the countryside throughout our village, but modern advances coexist with ancient traditions to produce a world-class product that honors the past while taking hold of the future. MALVA proudly produces some of the finest olive oils with respect for traditions and the environment while possessing the following:

  • HACCP Certification.
  • BIO Certification.
  • Up-to-date facilities.
  • Latest technology equipment.
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